Lydia in Asia Minor is the home of warrior nation, that has survived the greatest disasters one can imagine. It fought back the Kimmerian nomad horses that brought empires to ruins, they held against the Assyrians and when their time had come, they advanced forging the most powerful empire in Asia Minor seen since the Hittite Fall. The valiant warrior did not shy in front of the bronze clad hoplites, but engaged and finally overwhelmed all Greeks of Asia Minor. Likewise every other nation west of the Halys shared the same fate, yet alone Kilikia and Lykia were spared for now. Far greater lands are to conquer under the leadership of Kroisos.

His wealth became proverbial as in "rich like Croesus" and this reputation is well deserved. Crops from the fields, metals from the mines and trade income from the ports provide excellent economy. It is further boosted by the world's first professional and centralized coinage. The army is no less impressive. The Lydian Lords are renowned for their skill of riding into battle with long lances, additionally a variety of light and heavy infantry, including the dreaded Hoplites, can be levied just like more cavalry, which is of good quality, too. Even better, the rich court attracts Philosophers and poets from all of Hellas increasing the glory of the King.

What to do with this might? In the east, the arch-enemy of Lydia, the Medes, struggle with an uprising while the city of Bâb-Ilû (Babylon as known to the Greeks) has fallen into an odd deadlock since their old King voluntarily exiled in the desert. The Greeks in the west, on mainland Hellas, are friendly, especially a small but powerful state called Lakedaimon. The Pharaoh is another, greater ally of your plans. So you have free hand as your back is safe, use this wisely and you will prevail.


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